Hosting Services

Our hosting services are designed for top speed, unparalleled security, and fast and expert support.

Outsource IT offers cloud website hosting solutions that provides businesses and non-profits with a flexible, highly scalable, and low-cost way to deliver their websites, web applications, and electronic mail, and colocation services that allow our customers to host their servers in a state-of-the-art data center environment.

Web Hosting

You can get a web site hosted for $10 per month—but you don't get what you get with us. Outsource IT is a leading provider of web site hosting for business by providing reliable hosting that has strong compatibility with platforms such as WordPress and Zen Cart. Our business hosting plans are built for eCommerce and flexible enough for high-traffic sites of all kinds.

Our entire shared hosting environment uses only enterprise-class server hardware in redudndant (RAID) arrays and include regular scanning, lower customer densities, and PostgreSQL, mySQL and Microsoft SQL Server database support, and electronic mail services. Full FTP access is included as well as database management via phpMyAdmin.


Electronic Mail

Outsource IT provides Electronic Mail services including POP3, IMAP, and webmail access via a browser. Services include spam and virus filtering, mailing list creation, email forwarding, auto-responders, filtering and alias capabilities.


Database Hosting

Databases are an essential component in the information-driven world of today. CRMs, ERPs, shopping carts, and content management systems all leverage highly active databases to output dynamic content in real time. With extensive SQL Server and mySQL database experience, Outsource IT has the expertise to help you achieve optimal performance from your database system through a secure managed hosting environment.


Domain Name Service (DNS)

Every domain name is given a series of numbers known as an IP address — for example, the IP address for is It's this number that your browser uses to locate a particular website. When you type a domain name into your browser, the DNS (Domain Name Server) looks through a huge database to find the IP address you requested and then directs your browser to the correct website content. It's during this DNS address "look up" where you can experience problems in performance, accessibility and security—everything from your domain not being found to hackers redirecting your visitors to a fake website in order to steal their personal information.

Proper DNS management and security is critical in keeping your website, email and online applications up and running. Outsource IT's DNS Hosting Service secures your DNS so your website is always available, performs reliably, and secure.


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